What You Need to Know about Battery Restoration?

Before attempting to carry out any sort of battery restoration work it is always advisable to learn the correct methods involved.

Once you have the required knowledge, you will find the process for battery reconditioning is relatively simple and inexpensive.

Because the cost of restoring batteries is very low, there is no need to waste money investing in new replacements. As well as making huge savings it is also environmentally friendly, far too many old batteries are needlessly thrown out adding more harmful waste to landfill sites.

Battery Restoration – What Type Of Battery?

Most portable electronic gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, iPods, power tools etc. all require rechargeable batteries (Ni-cd & Ni-mh). These batteries have a
very limited lifespan so eventually recharging becomes a waste of time.

All is not lost; they can easily be brought back to life.

Lead Acid batteries are used in cars, tractors, trucks, motorcycles, boats, golf carts and ride-on lawnmowers. Over a time the plates in these batteries build up sulfate deposits which will render them useless. With a few inexpensive tools and a bit of know-how, full power can be restored.

how to restore battery

Reconditioning NI-CD & NI-MH Batteries 

The tools required for reconditioning Ni-Cd & Ni-mh batteries are readily available at most electrical & auto parts stores.

The best way to accurately test and recondition Ni-Cd & Ni-mh batteries is to use a Computer Battery Analyzer. Although this equipment is preferred, a cheaper alternative is to use a Digital Multi-Meter plus a few other parts available from an electronic parts store.

You will also require a set of Universal Test Leads. You can easily make these at home in about 10 minutes.

Lead Acid Battery Reconditioning 

To recondition Lead Acid Batteries you will need a Slow Battery Charger and a 30 Amp Quick Charger. Alternatively you could use a Combination Charger which will do both jobs. If you want to charge several batteries together you will have to use a Series Charger.

A Battery Load Tester is another essential piece of equipment together with a Battery Hydrometer and some test cables, all of which are very inexpensive.

It’s always advisable to wear protective clothing when handling lead acid batteries. A chemical apron, gloves and face shield should suffice.

Battery Restoration – What You Need to Know

There is a very useful EZ Battery Reconditioning Course available that covers everything you need to know about battery restoration.

This in depth guide contains detailed instructions written in plain English and has large full color photographs making it very easy to understand.

Not only will your newly acquired skills save you money they will also make you money as well. There is no reason why you can’t start your own profitable battery reconditioning business.